Apple will switch iPhones and MacBooks to 3nm processors in 2022
The first details about Apple’s flagship processors in 2022 have emerged.

Expect a big jump in gadget performance

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According to new reports, the iPhone 14 line of smartphones and the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops may be among the first on the market to get 3-nanometer processors in 2022. We already know that next year Taiwan-based TSMC will begin mass production of chips on 3nm process technology.

It is reported that TSMC has already reserved all of its production capacity in 2022 to create processors for Apple and Intel.

Until then, it is expected that Apple, like other processor giants, will first release solutions based on 4nm process technology.

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Compared to the existing solution (5 nm) 3-nanometer processors will provide an average performance increase of 15%, but at the same time their power consumption will be reduced by 30%.

It is rumored that TSMC will start the year with the production of 55 thousand 3 nm chips per month, during the year the number will increase to 105 thousand processors per month.

Recall that since last year Apple is engaged in the transition of its Mac computers from Intel processors to solutions of its own production under the program Apple Silicon.