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Easy Discord Screen Share No Audio Fix

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Discord is one of the most used VoIP applications reaching 14 million active users per month and 250 million accounts. The app is used mostly by gamers that want to communicate or stream with others during game sessions.

One of the best features introduced was the screen share function. Discord provides users with the ability to share their screen.

With the hope of sharing the entire desktop screen or individual applications like Chrome, Firefox, Discord is the first choice for gamers.

Getting the discord screen share no audio issue can impede your ability to enjoy the full functionality of the application.

Leading Causes of Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

There are multiple causes for discord share audio not working from faulty audio drivers to corrupt discord application or antivirus problems.

Most of the time, you will fix this discord error by trying some simple solutions, one that comes in mind right now is simply restarting your computer.

I know its frustrating when this happens. Unfortunately, this type of error is hard to diagnose. Each system it’s different, and problem vary from one to another.

You will find your discord screen share no audio issue related to these problems:

Faulty Audio Drivers

Her you might find your problem. Discord has a multitude of features, gives you the chance to communicate via voice, video, or text and uses your drivers for its audio element.

Having corrupt drivers or outdated ones can cause discord screen share audio not working correctly.

Audio Feature Problem

Discord screen share with no audio problem was more prominent in older versions of the application. After a huge update and a big chunk of code, they finally have a decent working version.

If you’re using older versions of the Discord app, you should update it asap.

There is a chance that the discord screen share audio is not working correctly due to an unstable version.

Administrative Entry

To avoid discord screen share no audio error; you must provide administrative permission to your Discord app.

Failing to do so will create errors such as discord screen share audio no working.

Incompatible Applications

I experienced the same issue with apps not being compatible with each other. I had a Hama mouse, and its cursor was jumping around. I almost thought I got hacked.

I reverted my windows to a working version. The mouse issue was solved.

There is a chance that your discord screen share with no audio problem is related to application incompatibility.

Antivirus Problem

Disabling your antivirus for a short period can solve the problem.

Don’t worry is just for max 15 minutes and check if discord screen share no audio error is present.

Some antiviruses can damage Discord files by deleting them.

There is a probability that your discord files got infected, and after a scan, to protect your system, the antivirus deleted the app files.

I would recommend to run a scan and reinstall Discord.

Incorrect Voice Settings

In most cases, it is related to your operating system. You need to check your microphone settings and see if it is connected well.

First, check if you’ve selected the correct audio device.

Old Discord Version

You will find on google different websites that allow you to download Discord. Those discord apps might be old versions.

Your discord screen share no audio error, might be caused by the beta screen share feature in older versions.

You can download Discord desktop application from the official website.

How To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Error?

Fixing this problem requires some trial and error. Your system is different from mine or your friend, giving you the difficult task of trying all methods.

I’ve written 15 fixes for you, start with the simplest one bellow and use each one of them until your discord screen share no audio is gone.

Fix 1: Restart Your Computer

I know what you’re thinking, “just restart it?“. And my uncomplicated answer is simply yes. This “method” saved me a couple of times before.

The explanation is those background apps or even the state your computer right now, may conflict with the Discord app, creating a discord screen share no audio problem.

When you restart your PC, all the unnecessary apps are closed.

I recommend closing them manually before restart. Some apps will revert to the original state after a sudden reboot.

Close all apps, restart your computer, and test if the discord screen share audio is back.

Fix 2: Uninstall/Update, Your Audio Drivers

Discord screen share no audio issue can be solved by updating/reinstalling your sound drivers. Your PC audio driver is corrupted, missing, or outdated causing discord screen share not working.

There are several ways to reinstall or update audio drivers. Choose the one that seems the easiest.

Install / Update Audio Drivers Manually

Most likely, you receive the audio from your motherboard. You can download an app to tell you what motherboard you have and go to the manufacturer for the audio driver.

Here is a step by step approach:

1) Download Speccy or any app that allows you to see your components and find your motherboard name.

speccy current componets

2) Search on your favorite search engine, your motherboard name drivers, just like this.

asrock b450 pro4 drivers download

3) On your motherboard website, see the download section and get your audio driver. In my case was in Support.

download driver from asrock website

4) Download it, install and restart your computer. Now test your discord screen share no audio problem.

In this method, you can first uninstall your audio driver and install it fresh, doing the same steps as before.

Install/Update Audio Driver Using Device Manager

1) Use this shortcut to open Run in Windows windows + R shortcut and type devmgmt.msc

2) Now the Device Manager is open, go to Sound, video and game controllers and click the arrow to display all available drivers.

sound, video and game controllers

3) Right-click on your audio driver and click Update driver. For me is Realtek(R) Audio.

If you have different audio cards installed, I recommend doing the same thing for each one of them.

Update driver

4) Now a new window will appear, choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

Note: This works if you have an internet connection.

search automatically for updated driver software

After you’ve done all the steps, test the discord screen share no audio problem by restarting your computer and opening Discord.

Install / Update Audio Driver With Driver Easy Software

1) We are going to use another software to solve the discord screen share no audio problem.

Simply Download Driver Easy and install it.

2) Click the Scan Now button. Driver Easy will start and detect issues with your drivers.

driver easy scan now

3) You will get a list of drivers installed and faulty ones. In my case, I have multiple drivers to update.

Search for any audio-related drivers and hit Update for each one of them.

driver easy update realtek High definition audio

4) Create a restore point.  Let it default at Automatically Create if you have pro and hit Continue.

If you don’t have the PRO version, the restore point I created, but the driver will download and install.

driver easy downloading driver

Now your driver is downloading. If you want to get a better speed, you need to upgrade to the PRO version.

The advantage of having a PRO version is that you can update all drivers at the same time and significant download speed compared to a free one.

You will know if this is a driver related issue when all required drivers are updated or installed.

If still, the discord audio is not working after all this, try the next method.

Fix 3: Reinstall/Update Discord

Maybe you have an older version of Discord, and that is the cause of discord screen share no audio issue.

I will provide you with instructions for the best way to uninstall or update your application. Choose the one that comes more straightforward for you.

Reinstall Discord

1) We will use the same shortcut windows + R shortcut to open Run. Type appwiz.cpl to open Uninstall or change a program window.

appwiz.cpl in run dialog

2) Search for Discord app right-click it and choose Uninstall and restart your PC after the process finishes.

Uninstall discord

3) Go to the Discord website and download the latest version. Install it and test if the screen share audio problem is a fix using this method.

Update Discord

Updating Discord is a little bit different than updating any other app. You would expect to find it in your Program Files, but in reality, you can find it in the AppData folder.

Here is how you find your Discord Update file.

1) Use the windows + R shortcut shortcut to open Run dialogue and type %localappdata%.

%localappdata% run dialog

2) Find the Discord folder and open it.

3) There is a file called Update.exe or just Update. Double click it and wait for Discord to update.

Launch and test if discord screen share no audio method fixes the problem, otherwise go to the next fix below.

Fix 4: Reset Discord Voice Settings

This solution is related to the Discord app itself. Fixing the Discord screen share no audio problem is done inside of the app following some simple steps.

The leading cause of this is improper voice settings inside the application.

Follow these steps to reset your discord voice settings.

1) Open Discord and click the Settings icon. You will find it near your username in the bottom left corner.

discord settings

2) Search for Voice & Video in APP SETTINGS and click on it. Scroll down, and you’re going to find the Reset Voice Settings button.

reset voice settings in discord

3) A pop up will appear, click okay to confirm.

reset voice settings pop up

4)  Share your screen and test your problem; if this one fixed the discord screen share no audio issue write comment bellow.

Fix 5: Add Target Application To Discord

Adding an app as a target application inside Discord can fix the issue.

Discord has a feature to detect your current activity and display that activity near your username. Sometimes Discord confuses what event is the right one, mainly due to multiple applications running on your system.

The benefit of using this feature is that it allows you to choose it from a dropdown.

Here are the steps for how you can do that.

1) Open Discord and click the Settings icon.

discord settings

2) On the left, you will find Game Activity. In there, click on Add it!

game activity in discord settings

3) Now you’re able to choose your application. For example, I select Google Chrome.

4) Now you click Add Game.

discord add game

5) Turn on the toggle from OVERLAY: OFF to OVERLAY: ON

Were you able to fix the discord screen share no audio problem with this method? If your answer is still no, jump on the next one.

Fix 6: Clear Discord Cache / Roaming Data

A useful component that Discord uses to save user preferences or temporary operations is cache and roaming data. Discord will use this type of data each time you make a call or interact with the app itself.

The corrupted cache can cause your discord screen share no audio issue.

Here is how you can delete your cache.

1) You need to close your Discord application completely. Go to the Task Manager.

In the Process tab, search for Discord, right-click, and choose End task.

end task discord application

2) Use this shortcut to open the Run windowwindows + R shortcut type %appdata% and press enter.%appdata% run command

3) Search for the discord folder, right-click, and Delete.

delete discord roaming data

4) Launch your Discord and test the discord screen share no audio problem.

Fix 7: Disable Your Antivirus Temporarily

In this step, you need to be careful after you disable the antivirus don’t start visiting all kind of weird sites, apps, or open suspicious emails.

It’s unlikely that this is the cause of your discord screen share no audio problem, but it is best to eliminate this possibility. Most antiviruses have options for disabling protection for a few minutes.

If you don’t know-how, it is best to talk with your antivirus provider or check out their documentation.

After you’ve done this step, test your audio problem with the Discord app.

Fix 8: Grant Administrative Access

In some cases providing admin, access fixed the discord screen share no audio problem. Providing administrative permission to your Discord will allow it to access your computer devices and features without putting too many restrictions.

These devices are Speaker, Microphone, or Camera.

Discord will not run as an Administrator in default mode; you need to set it up.

Here is how you do it.

1) Close your Discord app from Task Manager by clicking the End task.

end task discord application

2) Press your Windows Key and search Discord, right-click, and choose Open file location.

discord open file location

3) A new window appears. Right-click the Discord shortcut and select Properties.

4) In the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab. You need to tick Run this program as an administrator and press OK.

5) Now start your Discord and test for discord screen share no audio issue.

Jump on the next fix if you’re still facing problems with the discord screen share not working.

Fix 9: Avoid Full Screen

After searching and reading on some tech forums, I found out that the discord screen share no audio problem can be caused by a bug in the full-screen mode.

Some games and applications have a conflict with permission from Discord, causing discord screen share not working correctly.

What can you do in this case? Well, try to run games or apps in Window Mode or just minimize the apps.

Test this fix and jump on the next one if you’re still facing problems.

Fix 10: Try Discord Push To Talk

As a default setting, Discord has a feature that detects when you talk or if you make a sound near the microphone.

There is a way to control when Discord can recognize the sound produced from the microphone; there is an option called Push to Talk.

To change this option and add a key bind, follow these steps.

1) Go to Settings, is the cogwheel near your username.

discord settings

2) In the left side there is an option called Voice & Video, click on it.

Now you have access to the entire Voice Settings.

voice and video settings in discord

3) Bellow Voice Activity is an option Push to Talk. Click on it, now you’re able to set a key bind. Click the form and use a key to activate the microphone.

Don’t forget to press Stop Recording.

Fix 11: Check Discord Voice Settings

While we are at, it is best to check the voice settings and pick the right input and output device.

In my case, I wasn’t able to hear or speak, and somehow the input devices were wrong.

1) Follow the steps from Fix 10. On top, there are two options, INPUT DEVICE, and OUTPUT DEVICE.

input and output devices in discord voice settings

The input device is for your microphone, and the output device is for any audio devices connected to your computer.

2) Go to Output Device and select your gadget. When you choose it, it will play a short sound.

Test for the discord screen share no audio issue.

Fix 12: Try The Web Version

You can fix the discord screen share no audio issue by trying to use the web version. Some users reported that the apps that run in the background can conflict, causing discord screen share not working.

Here is how you can test if this is the right solution for you.

1) Login or open Discord app on the web by going to Start to share your screen.

A popup will appear to give microphone permissions, just like this.

allow discord use your microphone

2) Now turn on screen share from this button.

turn on screen share in discord

3) Choose what you want to share and check if the method fixes your problem.

I recommend doing all this in Google Chrome.

Fix 13: Check Windows Settings

You can fix your discord screen share with no audio problem by selecting the right device from windows settings.

You should check if you have selected the correct recording gadget and also if Discord has permission to use it.

1) Use the Win Key and type microphone privacy settings.

2) Your microphone settings will open, and you can choose what desktop apps can access the mic.

Check if the option in Allow apps to access your microphone is On. Otherwise, change it from Off to On.

allow apps to access your microphone in windows 10

3) Scroll down until you reach the option. Allow desktop apps to access your microphone. If the option is Off, set it to On.

As you can see in the image, Discord accessed my microphone because the option was already on.

allow desktop apps to access your microphone in windows 10

You should test your discord screen share no audio problem and see if the windows fix solved it.

Fix 14: Check Windows Sound Settings

Fixing the discord screen share can be only related to your operating system not recognizing the microphone.

How do you check this out?

1) On the right corner near the clock, you have your sound icon. Right-click on it and choose Open Sound Settings.

open sound settings in windows 10

2) Inside the Input, you need to set up your microphone. If there is nothing there, it means your microphone is not recognized.

choose input device in windows 10

3) You can troubleshoot your microphone problem by clicking the Troubleshoot button.

Fix 15: Uninstall Bad Applications

Did you get the discord screen share no audio problem recently? Maybe you installed an app that creates a conflict with the Discord application.

You can troubleshoot this issue by checking recently installed applications.

1) Press the Windows Key and type add or remove programs

add or remove programs in windows 10

2) Sort the installed apps by Install date instead of Name and diagnose what apps you installed after your discord app installation.

sort installed apps by date instead of name in windows 10

You can try this discord screen share no audio fix by uninstalling those apps and test if it is working.

Final Thoughts

I’ve written 15 fixes that you can follow and fix the discord screen share problem, try each one of them until you’re able to solve the sound issue.

While you try them, and you finally fix the audio on-screen share, comment bellow what solution worked best for you.

Thanks for the interest in Check Techs, I write articles about everything related to tech, from problems to browsers to solutions to your gaming errors. I hope you enjoy my content.

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