Geolocation in mobile apps not only improves customer service in general, but also provides new ways for companies to increase their revenue.
In this article we will tell you in what areas geolocation is used and how you can use geolocation apps and its variations in business.

What is geolocation

Geolocation is a function which allows the location of a user who has any device with an Internet connection to be determined. And the information is transmitted in real time and the user’s coordinates are determined with maximum accuracy.
Any smartphones or tablets, no matter what operating system they run on, all have built-in geolocation. So we will have to live with this feature for years to come. The only question is, “Will you use the benefits provided?”

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What business opportunities geolocation apps offer

There are several business benefits to using geolocation in a mobile app.

  1. Increased sales. Offer users a personalized offer based on their location. This increases the chance of getting money from potential buyers.
  2. New customers and recognition. Allow existing customers to rate, tag and review to attract the attention of new customers. Or through notifications, attract passing traffic from people.
  3. Data collection. Geolocation apps help when collecting and analyzing user information, thereby figuring out what aspects you need to focus on for better results.

Why using geolocation is relevant

Geolocation can be used not only for marketing purposes, but also for business process optimization:

  1. Calculating prices for a product or service based on distance. For example, delivery cost depends on distance, but thanks to geolocation we can calculate and tell the customer the cost even before the service is provided.
  2. Tracking the route and exercising control over employees who work out of the office. Especially when the result of their work depends on the distance.
  3. Assistance in navigation. This is relevant if you need to choose the best route, taking into account all the data entered.

What applications with geolocation can be

Geolocation is actively used in delivery services and cabs. However, this option can be used in other areas, and with different extensions and variations. We already have experience of such works:


Service for online booking of baths and saunas allows consumers to choose convenient option according to their location. The classic option of using geolocation.


It is mobile CRM for the company rendering cleaning services. In addition to standard features for this program (information on applications and customers), there is a function of planning the route of the employee, depending on the addresses of applications, which he must travel. That is, an employee will consistently go to the customer at point A, then to B, and then to C.


Software for freight transportation automation. Here geolocation is not used to track specific users, but to calculate the cost of the work. Based on the addresses entered in the application (where to pick up and where to move), we determine the coordinates of these points and calculate the distance for which then calculate the cost of the work.

Applications for freight cabs.

It’s simply impossible to imagine a cab app without maps and geolocation. They allow you to build planned and actual routes, calculate the cost of the trip and other indicators of the vehicle.


Mobile apps with geolocation offer different possibilities in many areas. You need to take advantage of it to change the way you interact with your customers. Consider adding such a feature to your mobile app to get more business value.