WhatsApp is a popular social messenger. It also takes up quite a lot of space on Adroid, which is why everyone dislikes it – it takes up too much memory in the device, which makes it glitchy.

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Table of Contents

  • How to clear chat in WhatsApp on Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • On your computer
  • Deleting messages from your conversation partner
  • How to archive chats
  • How to create a copy of chats
  • How to restore deleted chats in Whatsap

How To Clear Chat In WhatsApp on Android

In fact, it is the cache, which consists of messages, that takes up a lot of space. As a rule, only clearing old correspondence can more or less fix the situation, while returning it to normal.

You can delete both individual conversations and entire chats. This can be done on different operating systems, which are discussed in more detail below.

A user cannot delete messages if they are not registered and not logged into WhatsApp. For more details on how to sign in to WhatsApp, see this video

On Android, hiding chats or deleting individual messages is easy. The user can delete both individual texts and dialogues and group chats. If you qualitatively scrub everything, you can easily get back the megabytes that the user lost earlier.

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Deleting individual messages

The very first step is the deletion of individual messages. It is worth understanding that if a message is deleted, it is also deleted from another user. This feature can be configured. To delete certain SMS the user needs:

  • To begin with, it is worth opening the application and go into the dialogue in which you would like to clean some messages
  • Then it is necessary to press with a finger the message to be deleted.
  • If everything is done correctly, the user will automatically see that it is highlighted Now it’s worth tapping on the trash can, which is located in the top line.
  • At this point, the user has two choices: delete just me or delete all users. In the second option, the message is also deleted for the person with whom you are communicating, and it will be highlighted that the message has been deleted
  • We agree and finish the deletion.

As you can see, it is quite easy to delete individual messages on Android. In general, a similar situation is the case with the full deletion of dialogs.

Deleting dialogs and group chats

When a user joins a group chat, a huge number of messages come automatically and need to be deleted. The user can either use the full deletion of dialogs or group chats, or delete each message individually. The second option is long, so it is necessary to use the deletion of certain dialogs. To do this, it is necessary:

Go into the messenger and log in, if the user has not previously done so; After that, you should open the correspondence panel and press the dialog that you want to delete; The user will immediately see that the chat is highlighted, if he has done everything correctly; After that, it is necessary to tap on the trash can and select the deletion option.

Note! You can also delete all the media data that were sent by this user. After the person will not be able to restore them, so you need to be careful.

As you can see, deleting group chats and individual conversations is not so difficult. If a user deletes a group chat, the system will warn them that they are leaving the chat. Other users will reflect the fact that a friend has simply decided to leave the chat, while no one can return it, only the user himself.

How To Clear Chat in WhatsApp on iOS

On the iPhone system, almost exactly the same algorithm works. The only difference may be that in general the iOS system is arranged differently, so there may be some differences in deletion, which will be seen in more detail below.

Deleting individual messages

Deleting specific correspondence on the iPhone is quite simple, if you know in general where this or that panel or the whole chat is located. To do this, the user must first log in to the system, while checking the availability of the Internet:

  • To begin with, it is necessary to open Whatsap and go to a specific section where all the chats are located.
  • The user needs to tap on the conversation in which he would like to delete specific messages
  • Now, it is necessary to tap and hold the message from which you would like to get rid of.
  • Tap on the “Delete” item that will appear in the window;
  • A checkmark will now appear next to each message.
  • Tap on the correspondence to be deleted;
  • Now you need to tap on the trash and confirm the necessary deletion.

Deletion of dialogs and group chats

The same is true for deleting full dialogs or group chats:

First, you need to go into that dialogue or group chat in which you will later clean up;

Now click on the top, on the name of the person with whom the user had correspondence;

Next, the user can open the item with the clearing of chats.

If no such item is found, it is necessary to scroll down a bit. Tap on it and delete all messages.

How To Clear Chat in WhatsApp on Windows Phone

If we consider a separate system, which is not so popular, the user can use the algorithm, which is proposed for Android, since in general they are similar. However, there are some subtleties and nuances in deleting messages from the Windows phone.

Individual messages.

In order to delete individual messages, the user needs to have the app installed in advance. If the application is installed, then you can proceed with the algorithm:

  • First, it is worth opening whatsap and activate the chat whose messages will be deleted;
  • Next, it is necessary to hold the message to be deleted until the user sees that it is highlighted;
  • Now it’s worth selecting the menu item “Delete”;
  • Agree with deletion.

Deleting dialogs and group chats

In the case of group chats, everything is exactly the same. It is necessary to press the chat that you would like to delete, and then click on the trash can. Then confirm the action and say goodbye to the chat or group correspondence.

How To Clear Chat in WhatsApp On PC

Many people do not know, but Whatsapp is also available on the computer! To delete messages, the user can also use this system, which is virtually no different from other systems.

To do this, it is necessary to pre-authorize in it. In short, the user will have to install additional utilities for this action.

Now you should open the application on your computer, and then go to the dialogue, which will subsequently be deleted all correspondence. The user needs to put the cursor on the highlighted area near each message. The user will also see an arrow going down.

It is necessary to tap on this arrow and select the item with the deletion of the message. This is necessary to clean up some of the messages. After you need to select delete from me, and then the user will see a notification that some messages have been deleted.

Deleting messages from the interlocutor in WhatsApp

Recently, there is a function in Whatsap with which you can delete messages not only from an individual chat, from a person, but also from another user, so that he will not see it afterwards. To do this, you need to:

  • Open whatsap;
  • Open the chat or conversation in which you want to delete certain messages;
  • Now you should select the messages to delete;
  • The trash garbage icon will appear, click on it;
  • Select the item “Delete from all”;
  • After that, the user can remove the specific message.

The method is good because it allows you to remove messages that are not viewable.

How to archive chats in WhatsApp

Archiving a chat is deleting messages from the visible field of users. In fact, a person can always access the archive again and restore the message they deleted earlier. This is useful when one wants to create a view of a deleted message.

To do this, you need to tap and click on the chat that you would like to archive. The user will see several icons on the top line. Of these, you must select the third – archive, which resembles a box with an arrow down.

As soon as the user taps on it, the correspondence will automatically move to the archive, and in the section “Archived chats” it can be restored in the future.

How to create a copy of chats in WhatsApp

In order for the user not to lose important chats or all correspondence at all, he should set up a proper backup. To do this, it is necessary to do the following:

  • It is worth a tap on the item “Settings”, which is located under the three dots in the upper right corner;
  • We go to the item “Chats”;
  • We select the item with the backup and copy all messages.

After deletion, the user can restore all chats because a backup will be created.

How to restore deleted chats in WhatsApp

Unfortunately, the user will not be able to restore chats if no backup was previously created, more details of which were mentioned above. You can use various utilities, but it is a long process. In order to go through the recovery of chats, it is necessary to:

  • Uninstall WhatsApp and re-download it to the devices
  • After that, it is worth opening and doing the usual authorization;
  • Now it is necessary to tap on the item “Restore”.
  • Wait for the application to restore all the backup data.

If the user has not backed up data, it will be very problematic to restore WhatsApp, even for a professional.