How to Swap Geolocation on iPhone. You will be anywhere in the world in a second

Apps and services in our smartphones often use the position of the gadget for various functions and features. Sometimes it’s just not physically possible to be in the right place for a certain action. However, there is a way to tamper with the location on your smartphone.

Everyone can have their own scenarios and reasons for using a false geolocation.
First, it can be a great way to prank someone if you share your location with the person in the Locator app or iMessage.

Second, you can use a swapped geo-position to easily play geolocation-based games. If you haven’t caught all the pok√©mon yet, you have a chance to fix that.

Third, you can use fake geolocation for social media. Surprise everyone with an overseas photo during quarantine restrictions.

Of course, there may be other reasons to use a fake geo-position on your iPhone.

What are the ways to swap geolocation

You can change the location using a VPN. It is enough to connect to any foreign server and disable the geolocation module.

If the application you need supports positioning over the network, you will be able to fool it and find yourself in another country.

This method is the easiest and does not require any complex manipulations. You just need to install any VPN client, such as TunnelBear or other analogues.
Unfortunately, the method is not always suitable, in addition you can not specify the exact location in a particular country. This way you won’t be able to virtually “travel” through your state or “go” to an exotic country.

Some jailbreak tweaks can take your device anywhere in the world with a couple of taps without additional services and applications. You can use the tweaks akLocationX, GPSCheat or their analogues.
Every year there are fewer and fewer reasons to jailbreak an iPhone, not everyone is willing to go to the accompanying restrictions just for a couple of minor perks.

Special applications for the computer can replace the geolocation on the iPhone connected to it. The method is quite legal and does not require any manipulation or hacking.

This method requires only a direct connection of the smartphone to Mac or Windows-PC over the wire for the time of geolocation swapping, but solves all the necessary tasks. This is the way we are now going to move to any place on the planet.

How to set a fake geolocation on iPhone

  • Download and install the AnyGo app from the developers’ site.

The utility is paid, you’ll have to pay $9.95 per month to use it or shell out $55.95 for a lifetime license. Fortunately, a free mode is available with a number of restrictions that will suffice for many users.

  • Run the utility on your computer and connect your smartphone with a cable.
  • In the AnyGo app, find your desired location using the map or search bar.
  • Restart the desired application on your iPhone and enjoy your new location.

You can trick almost any smartphone app, mapping services, navigators and, of course, social networks in this way.

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You can go even further and initiate a false move of your smartphone. To do this in the AnyGo app just switch to the travel mode and specify the end point of the route.

Using the slider, you can change the speed from walking to moving by car. The device can move both on the road and straight ahead.

This is how you can post a photo right now from an exotic island or a foreign city that is not available.