iPhone 13 fully declassified before the announcement

Details about the upcoming generation of the iPhone 13 smartphone have appeared in the network.

Apple will do some serious work on the bugs and bring its smartphones to the level of Android flagships

It is reported that the iPhone 13 will be powered by Apple’s new A15 Bionic processor, which will be made according to the 5 + nm process technology. The new chip will provide improved energy efficiency compared to its predecessor. In addition, this chip will provide support for 5G in the millimeter-wave band.

At least one innovation users will not be able to see with their own eyes – the motherboard of the smartphone will become more compact. This is necessary in order to equip the devices of the iPhone 13 line with higher-capacity batteries. Apple will equip its flagships with support for faster charging – at 25 watts, like Samsung devices. By the way, the new products will not go far from the iPhone 12, which supports charging at 22 watts.

The main feature of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be the new displays, which will get a frame rate of 120 Hz after almost two years, as the increased hertz quantity appeared in Android flagships.

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Apple will also improve the quality of its smartphone cameras and possibly reduce the display notch.

The iPhone 13 lineup is expected to be announced in September.