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Fix Roblox Error Code 267

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I remember my cousin playing Roblox and getting roblox error code 267. He was a bit disappointed that on all servers, he was kicked out, but funny enough; this error is not only related to an admin command.

I decided to fix his issue by trying a lot of methods; some worked some didn’t. There are a lot of causes why you get roblox error code 267.

You need to try some of them and see what the best solution is.

I will show you clear steps that you can take so you don’t have to lose your time and get back to playing Roblox.

Before I start getting into solutions, you need to understand what this error is. Roblox error code 267 is a common one and can be fixed without any issues.

What is Roblox Error Code 267?

To solve any type of error, first, you need to understand what that error is.

Based on error wiki from Roblox when you receive this type of error code:

“You were kicked from this game: [Reason] (Error Code: 267)”

It means that you got kicked from the sessions using some kind of script, and yes, this includes admin commands. It is essential to know that this kind of error is not caused by Roblox.

Instead is an error generated from some type of script that the game developer inserted.

The game will detect illegal activity; this type of detection is a security feature that the Roblox developers implemented to prevent hacking. At the same, this type of error can be hard to diagnose.

roblox error code 267

Mainly because you need to try numerous methods and see what is the right fit for you.

Roblox error code 267 can appear due to different reasons such as Windows firewall, lag, poor internet connection, or a game with no content inside.

Terrible internet connection is one of the main problems that people get roblox error code 267.

When you play a big Roblox game, and your internet connection is slow, the game can’t download the map or resources. So it disconnects you, showing error code 267.

There is a possibility that you’re banned from a game. If you’re facing this issue only on one game, then it means you’re banned. Good to know that this is not related to Roblox as a whole, only to that particular game.

Roblox game administrator can use admin scripts that have ban command. You can contact the owner of the game to lift your ban.

Roblox error code 267 can be caused by an exploited server too. Regarding this cause, the game has a security feature that restricts access to players. As you guessed, this is made to ensure your safety and game file integrity.

You will get this error instead of connecting to the game.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 267

I know you’re frustrated to see this type of error every time you start your game. What matters right now is to find a good fix for roblox error code 267 and continue to play your game.

I’ve written the best step you can follow in a straightforward manner, with images and shortcuts.

Write in comments what worked for you or if this fixed your error code 267.

Here are some simple methods you can try:

Fix 1: Update your browser

Your browser version can be the cause of the roblox error code 267. Simply update your browser to the latest version.

In the situation you’re using an outdated browser, you can go to the Google Chrome website and download the latest version.

Or if you prefer Firefox, go to Mozilla Firefox official page.

I recommend going with Google Chrome if you have a different browser client.

Fix 2: Disable your browser extensions

There are extensions like ublock or adblock that block running scripts. So basically, what this type of extension does is to stop parts of the game from running correctly.

You can disable extensions from your browser settings. This is how you can do that.

Disable browser extensions in Firefox

1) Use control shift A keys shortcut to access Add-on Manager.

2) Disable all extensions, for now; this includes AdBlock and ublock. Test if this solved the issue.

disable firefox extensions

Disable browser extensions in Chrome

1) To access Chrome extensions in Windows, use this shortcut. alt + f key l and e key for opening chrome extensions

2) Same as the one in Firefox, disable for now all extensions and test.

disable chrome extensions

Fix 3: Reset Your Internet Options

As a fellow windows user, I can say that this method saved me on a few occasions.

If you’re trying to reset your options to solve error code 267 roblox, here are the required steps.

1) First of all, close your running apps. Go to each app in the taskbar right-click and “Close window.”

close window on windows 10

2) Open your Internet Explorer and click on the cog. You will find it on the top right.

Click Internet Options

internet options in windows internet explorer

3) The last tab is called Advanced, click on it and reset your internet options to the default setting by clicking Reset…reset internet options

4) In the Reset Internet Explorer Settings, you need to tick the “Delete personal settings” box and click Reset.reset internet explorer settings

5) After you click, the Reset option is possible to get a pop-up that asks you if you’re sure. If you don’t have then, your internet options have been reset.

You will most likely get a confirmation window just like this.

Succesfully reseted internet options window

Click close and restart your computer.

Hopefully, this will fix your roblox error code 267.

Fix 4: Check Browser’s Security Settings

Security is a big concern for every user that is using his credentials online. Unfortunately, there are ways that the computer we own is influenced by others.

This is another cause of the roblox error code 267.

To be sure your browser is secure, you need to follow these simple steps.

1) Open Internet Explorer, click the cog in the top right, and choose Internet Options.

Just like this.

internet options in windows internet explorer

2) Go to the Security tab and check if the security level for this zone is other than Medium-high.

If it is different, drag the button to tab in internet options

Restart your computer.

After this step, your error code 267 roblox should be solved. Well, I hope this is the main issue of why you got the error.

If you’re still here and the previous methods didn’t work and error 267 roblox is still present. I have some aces in my sleeves.

Fix 5: Update Or Install Your Motherboard and Graphics Drivers

Another cause for getting roblox error code 267 is outdated drivers. Be sure you have the last version or the right driver installed.

The process is quite easy. Here is a manual way to do it.

1) Go to the Speccy website and download the free version.

speccy free download

Install it how you install a regular program and open it.

2) You’re going to see a summary of the components in your computer and temperature. You want to get the name of the motherboard and update it first.

speccy current componets

Simply go to your favorite search engine and type “your motherboard name drivers download.” For example, ASRock ab350 pro4 drivers download.

3) Now you want to do the same thing with your graphic driver. Most likely, after installation, you will get a pop-up to restart your computer.

Now test if you’re still getting roblox error code 267.

Fix 6: Update Your Network Drivers

You can update your network drivers in 2 ways. You can go to your motherboard provider website and download the network driver from their side.

The other way is more Windows related.

1) Search Device Manager by using the Windows key from your keyboard and click the Device Manager.

Another way to achieve this is to go left corner, right-click on Windows key, and select Device Manager.

Here are the two methods

device manager methods

2) In the Device Manager, go to Network adapters and search your network adapter. Most likely, you will find Realtek or Intel.

Right-click on it and choose Update Driver.

update network adapter

3) Choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

search automatically for updated driver software

This is all, test your game and see if the Roblox error code 267 is still there. If you’re still getting disconnected, go to the next method.

Fix 7: Check Your Network Connection

If the error code 267 says “DISCONNECTED: You were kicked from this game [Error Code 267],” there are two possibilities.

  1. You got kicked
  2. Your connection is terrible, and you got disconnected because your internet connection is not stable.

How can you test your network connection?

1) Use windows + R shortcut shortcut to open Run in Windows. Type cmd to open the command-line.

In cmd type “ping -t.” You’re going to get a reply from the closest Google -t

As you can see, my connection is excellent, but you need to let it run in the background. Start your game and play.

If you get roblox error code 267 again, you just copy the entire text from cmd and paste it in Notepad or any text editor.

Then search “Request.” If you found it, this means your connection is terrible, and your internet is losing connection.

request timed out

Well, the good news is that you found your problem.

2) The next step is to call your internet provider and ask them if there are issues with your connection.

They will have some log if you’re internet had a problem.  If they say that everything is fine from their side, there are three options:

  1. The Port router from the internet provider is terrible.
  2. The cable that connects the internet provider router to your router is bad.
  3. You router has issue keeping a stable connection.

To be sure you eliminate the first option, tell them that you want to access their router from different ports (some providers allow access from all ports). To this step only if you get internet from only one port.

To solve 2, you just use a new cable.

Regarding your router connection problem, you need to restart it. If the problem persists, redo all the required settings to connect with an internet provider (for those that use PPoE settings).

To be 100% sure the roblox 267 error code is solved, replace the current router with a brand new one or borrow one from your friends.

With the new router connected, retest, and see if you still the request timed out error.

Fix 8: Update your operating system

I don’t want to talk about the advantages of having the latest version of the operating system. I want you to understand that roblox error code 267 can be caused by an old version of your operating system.

If you’re on Windows, here is how you can update it to the latest version.

1) On keyboard press windows key and search windows updates. Click “Check for updates.”

check for updates2) A new window appears. You have the option to check for updates or Download and install.

check for updates or download and install

First, check for updates button and let Windows find the latest updates. After that, you just click the Download an install.

Roblox error code 267 can be solved by using the latest version of your operating system. Be sure to test every time you try these methods.

Fix 9: Reinstall Roblox

If you reached this point and didn’t fix the roblox error code 267, it is time to make a drastic move. No, we don’t rob a bank, we reinstall the entire Roblox game.

This is definitely something that you can try. Sometimes there is a bug in the installed game, and the best option to overcome the roblox error code 267 is to reinstall it.

With a fresh start maybe this method is the right one for you.


What is error code 267 ?

Getting roblox error code 267 means you got banned from a game, kicked or there is an error from the game itself.

What does the roblox error code 267 mean ?

There is a possibility that your internet connection is bad and you get disconnected. This error can appear if you can't connect to the game.

How can you fix roblox error code 279 ?

First, you can fix it by testing your connection, and see if the error is from your side. Another method is to update your motherboard and graphic drivers.

How long I need to wait to recover my account from error code 267?

If you're banned, you need to wait at least 4 weeks to recover your Roblox account.

Final Thoughts

Roblox error code 267 might seem like a massive problem if you didn’t have any issues until now. Luckily there are different methods that you can try.

If you’re a beginner and you had an issue with following the methods I provided, drop a comment, and I will help you out.

I hope that these methods solved your Roblox error code 267 issue, and you’re able to enjoy your game.

Instead of you’re having other Roblox errors, go to this category and look for other Roblox error codes.

Thanks for the interest in Check Techs, I write articles about everything related to tech, from problems to browsers to solutions to your gaming errors. I hope you enjoy my content.

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