Phone spyware – what is it? Where to download it and how to install it? We will help you choose the best surveillance software among the best for 2021 and tell you how to install it competently. Together with us (in just 10 minutes) you will be able to make with your own hands a real full-fledged spy phone to competently spy on your phone. In this article we will answer the most exciting questions and give sensible tips.

We gave you our very first review of the best phone spying programs 5 years ago. Years have passed and these programs are still very popular. But 10 more services have been added to them. 


We would like to emphasize that the last place in the top does not mean that this spy app is bad. NO! This is the best of the best! And even being at the end of the list in this review does not detract from the merits of this program in any way. It’s just a list – it’s not a place!

14. TheOneSpy Surveillance Software

An advanced program for tracking your phone by number. Allows you to track coordinates, record calls and voice messages. Positions itself as a good parental control of children’s calls. As it says on their website, “TheOneSpy will make you listen to your children’s quiet screams in time. You can remotely block a certain phone number so they can’t call from it. Collects information quietly, transmits to the control panel instantly. Installed on the target Android phone.

13. FreeAndroidSpy surveillance software

This is a free cell phone tracking, free to download from the site, installed and works also free. It has the ability to track coordinates, show photos saved on your phone, contacts, apps, and current information directly about the device itself. Their main slogan: “Where are your children now? If you install this program on your child’s phone or tablet, the device can become a free tracker.

12. Cocospy tracking program

A very effective and versatile program for tracking a person through their Android devices (phones and tablets). After registering on their website, comes installation information. It installs quickly, hides after installation. Works inconspicuously. Has all the features that will allow you to conduct a full-fledged surveillance phone. There is a separate program for iPhone and iPad.

11. Application for Observer Surveillance

Perfectly proven program for tracking your phone without the owner’s knowledge. Translated as “Observer”. Installation is required on the target Android. Once installed, the icon can be hidden. Will work in the background, without manifesting its activity in any way. Users sincerely believe that this is the best program for tracking a person among similar ones. After installing the program, additional settings are required, which must be done for it to work correctly. There is a video on the site that shows all the installation steps.

10. Android Monitor surveillance software

Another great program for the phone, the tracking of the person will be full and multifaceted. Will allow you to hear conversations, see chats, geolocation, saved photos and more. Also has a keyboard spy and all the features you need to spy. Quite often gets to the top of the best Android cell phone spying programs. There is a forum on 4pda, where you can discuss the pros and cons of this software.

9. Mobile Spy

A great program that allows you to remotely spy on a person’s activities. Has all the standard spy features. Can’t only intercept text messages from social networks and messengers. Set up cell phone tracking by phone number can be done quickly. There are instructions for this and a video overview on the site. You need to pick up your phone and install the program there. It is necessary to do this, as well as all the programs that are described in this review.

8. Surveillance for mobile devices NeoSpy Mobile

A very easy to install and use, but quite effective tracking of another phone. You can install from Google Play. Then the application is not possible to hide and it will be easy to delete. If you need covert surveillance, then you will need to install the spyware on your phone for free from the website. The site provides a version that has the ability to hide the icon.

7. Hidden Surveillance MobileTool

The enormous capabilities of this program will allow you to conduct a truly covert surveillance of the phone on which it will be installed. Has long been in the top of the best and is not going to leave it. You can download the phone spying software from their official website for free. Since the price of tracking is quite high ($0.5 per day), after registration you will have a free test period. During this time, you need to install and test the performance. No one will forcibly force you to pay for further work. Like it – pay, do not like it – delete and try another.

6. Free tracking program Cell Tracker

This is a free beacon program for tracking a person. Allows you to see a person’s movements in real time. It is a kind of GPS tracker. Convenient when viewing the information. The red sections indicate a particular route, and it is worth clicking on them, as the full information will come out. Also on the map will be visible starting points with coordinates and time. Very favorite of users and therefore often included in the list of the best, although the features it is very limited, but it works 100%.

5-2. Talklog, Cell Phone Spy PRO, FlexiSpy and TrackView.

These programs are very detailed in our 2015 review of the “Top 5 Phone Spy Programs“. As you can see, even today these services have not lost their relevance, and are firmly in the top best spy apps of 2021!

1. VkurSe spy app

This multifunctional tracking program, will allow you to keep control of all Android devices. VkurSe – be aware of absolutely all the actions of the person on your phone (calls, correspondence, photos, notifications, keystrokes, contacts, browser history, etc.) and near it (surroundings recording, remote photography, location, etc.).

A little bit about scope

We will list only the most obvious areas of activity where phone tracking is applied:

  • Multifunctional parental control of all children’s activities, as well as temporary blocking of certain applications.
  • Full control of employees through their work devices. There is a favorable commercial offer (both for small firms and large organizations).
  • 100% spouse fidelity verification. Recording calls and ambient sound in the office, apartment, car, as well as correspondence and photos – will show everything what your loved one is really doing.
  • Invaluable for monitoring elderly parents who live far away. Online map tracking, allows you to see if your parents have returned home from a walk or shopping.
  • A great antivirus. Will allow you to return the smartphone after the theft. Ability to work even after resetting to factory settings and without a SIM card. Will show you where the SIM card has been changed. Will record all conversations and coordinates of movement, even if there is no Internet. Will transmit as soon as it appears.
  • Archivator of your own data and calls. You can archive to another medium (PC, laptop, flash drive, mail) all calls, correspondence, photos and so on. Remote memory clearing on command. 

As you can see, VkurSe phone tracking software can be used in completely different areas, from fidelity checks to searching for stolen phones.

A little bit about installation

Now let’s focus on how to install phone tracking. Remember that all programs described above are installed on the phone you want to track.

Phone tracking without installing the program is possible only if you want to track your iPhone. Then the program is installed on your phone and you have to enter phone’s data into the program. If you need to spy on Android – software installation is obligatory!

Step 1. Get a quick registration on the website. Think and remember login and password.

Step 2. You can install spyware on your phone for free from the “Downloads” page. The installation file can be downloaded for free and without registration.

Step 3: Check the program availability
The service provides a free test period. During this time, the phone tracking for free will work without any restrictions. During this time you must check the program availability on the phone. If you are satisfied with everything, then you have to pay for further work.

Step 4. We give you the phone and go to the office for information
That’s all, just 10 minutes installation and you will be able to spy on the phone of your child, employee or loved one 24 hours a day.

If you have any questions about installation of the program, the service or the cabinet where all the data will be received – the consultants are online to answer all your questions. Asked and answered.


In conclusion, we would like to answer the five most frequent questions, which our consultants are particularly asked:

  • Question 1. How do I track a person on my Android phone? – To do this, you must necessarily install a spyware program. Without installing it, you can’t do it.
  • Question 2: How do I install a tracking program on my phone? – Take your phone in your hands, download the installation file, install it and configure the program. Hints on how to do this will be in the program itself when you install it, as well as on the website in the form of video instructions or guides.
  • Question 3: Where can I download an application to track a person? – The application can only be downloaded from the official site of the program you have selected. It is free to download! Warning! Please don’t download applications from unknown sources you’ve found on YouTube or anywhere else. If they charge you for downloading – leave this site immediately – they are cheaters.
  • Question 4. I need a spyware program to track a person, where can I get it? – Any spyware (absolutely any spyware) has a location feature! So any of the above programs will be able to become a beacon and tracker program.
  • Question 5: How do you set up a spy phone tracker without installing a program? – You can’t! It is impossible to install Andriod tracking without installing. First install, then get information from the installed program. Only this way and no other way!